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    Post by Aelita on Sun Sep 26, 2010 9:03 pm

    Here is a story i thought of
    Start Story

    Code: Split
    Episode 1: split
    A/N I got this idle when looking throws Devaintart one day
    Also if you need to see what measurement something is go here
    Disclaimer: I do not own code Lyoko

    “Go on Aelita.”
    “I’m Going Jeremie!”
    “OH NO! Your all alone now hurry! “
    “I’m going as fast as I can; now I’m in the tower.” Aelita floats up to the second platform and puts her hand on the interface, “Tower deactivated.”
    “I’m bringing you back, Aelita.” Jeremie said as he brat her back to Earth.
    “OK, that was weird; Xana activated a tower but didn’t do anything.”
    “Your right, Aelita but Xana must have a reason for this.” Jeremie replied
    “Ya, but for now let’s get back to school.” And with that everyone gets on the elevator on goes back to school.
    The next day
    “Hay,” Yumi runs over to the rest of the Lyoko Warriors, “how are you?”
    “Good”, every one replies.
    BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, “OH NO! Super scan!”
    “Let’s go.” Odd instructs
    At The Factory
    “What’s Xana up to?” Jeremie ask
    “Who knows and who cares let’s jest deactivate the Tower before Xana can do anything with it,” Odd replies.
    “Fine go,” Jeremie says while staring the transfer program, “get in,” He sees Odd, Yumi, and Ulrich get into the scanners, “Transfer Odd, Transfer Yumi, Transfer Ulrich, Scanner Odd, Scanner Yumi, Scanner Ulrich, Virtualization,” they land on Lyoko and Aelita steps in a Scanner, “Transfer Aelita, Scanner Aelita, Virtualization,” She Lands on Lyoko as the Vehicles appear, “Head North,” Jeremie Directed.
    “OK, Einstein,” Odd said while jumping on the Overboard, and Yumi and Aelita get on the Overwing and Ulrich on the Overbike then take off for the tower.
    When the tower is in sight they see the guards “William and three Tarantulas, Xana must by doing something bad,” and they were half right and when they got close to the tower the Tarantulas fired lazers jest to hide the real plain as William stranded by and watched the battle and doesn’t even try to stop Aelita as she flies by on her wing appearing to have not noticed her fly by but when Aelita gets within 9 Meters something happens,
    “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA,” Aelita Screams so loud Jeremie has to take the head set off and still has to move over to the Elevator doors to keep from going deaf and Xana can hear her at his Home-based Replica with is about 14484100 Kilometer away (which is about 9000000 miles) and it rings throw his Ears worse than Jeremie and on Lyoko the monsters are Destroyed from the screams and the Lyoko Warrior and William have their hands to their ears trying to keep to sound out and losing life points one at a time when the Screaming stop Jeremie went back to the Computer char and put the headset on and ask,
    “What happened?”
    The Lyoko Warriors now with their hands off their ears replied “Aelita got within 9meters of the tower then SCREAMED!”
    “Hay, I see two blips 9 meters away from the tower.” Jeremie said confused.
    When the smock that was created from what Xana did cleared William and the Lyoko Warriors saw not one but two Aelita one with a darker bodysuit than the other when the Two see each other they say in unison “What The? Who Are You? What just happened? Why are you repeating everything I say?”
    “I can answer all those questions,” a voice that was familiar it was the voice someone had when posed it was the Voice of Xana.
    “XANA!” Everyone but William said in unison and in surprise.
    “That’s right.” A Black mist forms in front of The Lyoko Warriors and forms into a Dark Version of Aelita different from the darker Aelita as the tower deactivates, “now to answer your questions Aelita’s, I used the Tower to separate Aelita’s Good and Evil halves and now the evil half will come with me, oh and for now you two share a brain but in a week you will have two separate brains.”
    “Yes, Xana, and can you call my X-Aelita?” the darker Aelita said walking towards Xana.
    “OK, now i don’t have come up with a name, come on lets go, X-Aelita.” Xana says smiling Evil
    “Bye,” X-Aelita says as She, Xana and William turn into Black mist and go to Xana’s home Replica.
    On Earth
    The Lyoko Warriors are talking about what happened and agree that X-Aelita will be dangerous and they will need to be on their toes

    Insert Creates
    A/N so how is my first episode of “Code: Split”?

    End Story

    -Aelita Aelita Lyoko

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    Post by X-Aelita on Tue Oct 05, 2010 7:57 pm

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    Post by Princesse Aelita on Fri Nov 18, 2011 9:54 pm


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