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    Must show up rule Empty Must show up rule

    Post by Aelita on Tue Sep 21, 2010 7:04 pm

    If you sing up for something, like a Digital sea mission for Example, you must show up only exception is if you have something that falls into the following Category:
    Family Problems: Sick Family member, Death of Family member, Argument of parents or other family member, etc.
    PC Problems: Unexpected shut down, (For Laptops mostly) Overheated PC, (Rare) Unexpected shut down of you browser and unable to start it up again (Note if you have another browser you can use this does not apply), etc.
    Internet Problems: Loss of Internet, Slow internet, Loss of internet, Unexpected by you restart, etc.
    Grounded: Gotten in trouble for: stealing, sneaking out,Etc.
    unexpected thing: Forested trip, etc.

    -Aelita Aelita Lyoko

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