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    Info Programmer and Virtualization Record

    Princesse Aelita
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    Info Programmer and Virtualization Record Empty Info Programmer and Virtualization Record

    Post by Princesse Aelita on Thu Nov 17, 2011 10:51 pm

    Hey, I just thought of this based on a drawing I made of the supercomputer interface...

    What if there was an info programmer?

    Y'now, like when a person is first virtualized onto Lyoko, it records all of the data, including his/her dna code sequence and lyoko avatar.

    then, it will be at their conveniece if they need to re-program the skid sonar.

    Or, if one of the lyoko warriors are lost in the digital sea in the middle of attacking, like Yumi was once, they just need to use the dna code sequence to trace it, instead of waiting for her to attack.

    What if there was a virtualization record?

    If one of them just virtualized themselves, especially if it's Xana, then u didn't know, you can just check the records if the avatar is not shown like the lyoko warriors'.

    Wouldn't that be convinient?

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