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    Post by Aelita on Wed Dec 08, 2010 3:45 pm

    You can help this forum by donating Credits (AKA buying credits for the forum) you can donate
    here. If you want my do a specific thing with the credits you can send my a PM telling my how many credits you donated and what you want my to do with them, oh below is a list of what I can do with the credits and how much it cost to do it.
    What I can do with Credits How much it cost to do it How long it lasts
    Add 50-500MB of storage 50-500 one month
    Disable ads 100-1000 1-12 Month(s)
    Custom URL 1600 one Year
    Note: Below are two lists which are an extinction of the Add storage and Ad Disabler.
    MB/Months how much it cost
    50MB 50
    100MB 100
    200MB 200
    300MB 300
    500MB 500
    Disable Ads
    1 Month 100
    2 Months 200
    3 Months 300
    6 Months 500
    12 Months 1000

    -Aelita Aelita Lyoko

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