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    Rules for requesting a character/ How to request a Character.


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    Rules for requesting a character/ How to request a Character.

    Post by Aelita on Thu Sep 02, 2010 2:33 pm

    OK, same rules for every where else and the following:
    No copycats with: Name, Background (unless the characters are related), and Descriptions

    Tis is how to make a character:

    Topic title: [your name]'s character, [character name]


    Description (with image):
    Background (Short or Long your choose):
    Weapon (with image):
    Free skill and Power:

    the Free skill and powers are as followed (along with weapon for some):
    Class =Skill =Power =Weapon
    Xana Monster =Depends =Depends =Lazer
    Xana =Tower Activation =Monster creation and Warrior call =
    Xana Warrior =Depends =Depends =
    Xana's Guardian/Princess of Lyoko=Tower Activation/Deactivation=Creativity =
    Lyoko Warrior =Depends =Depends =
    Guardian/Princess of Lyoko =Tower activation/Deactivation=Creativity =None
    their is only one Guardian/Princess of Lyoko.

    Have fun with you character and do games to Level up and have more Powers, Skills, and Weapons.
    Note: you don't exactly have to have a weapon, but you do have to have a skill and power.

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