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    Guest Rules

    Post by Aelita on Sat Aug 21, 2010 12:03 pm

    No Bad Language or pictures.
    punishments are:
    1. Temporary banning
    2. Peppermint Banning
    3. Topic Lock
    4. Topic Delete
    5. Deletion of the bad word(s) or picture(s)
    6. Any combination of the above four.

    how you get these punishments:
    1. If you do it more than three time and it's normal level
    2. if it's Critical level
    3. if you do it more than three time and it's minor
    4. If it's you first time but if you do it three time your not get this.
    5. if it's somehow a combo of any of the others.

    Remember I'm a nice Administrator but i will not holed back if necessary.

    If I delete a Word it will be replaced by *** for EX: and = ***
    NOTE: and is not on the list of word you can not use

    If I delete a Picture it will be replaced with

    NOTE!: If this area get's spammed, It will be locked, And possible deleted.

    -Aelita Aelita Lyoko

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